COVID Reopening - 2hr - 1-On-1 Lesson

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Social Distancing Reopening 
2 hours - 1 Student + 1 Instructor

Sunday, June 7 - Larose Forest
Saturday, June 13 - South March Highlands
Sunday, June 21 - Larose Forest
Sunday, July 5 - South March Highlands
Saturday, July 11 - Larose Forest
Sunday, July 12 - Camp Fortune
Sunday, July 19 - South March Highlands
Saturday, July 25 – Larose Forest
Sunday, August 9 - South March Highlands

Sunday, August 16 - Camp Fortune
Saturday, August 22 - Camp Fortune

We know many of you are itching to get a lesson as we start to venture out on to the trails again and we have a plan for you !  During phased reopening we are offering one-on-one lessons and coaching for group-lesson rates !

Space is limited.  Book now.

Ride Ottawa always puts safety at the top of our lesson plans for all riders.  In order to minimize risk during the reopening phases of the Covid pandemic, we will be offering on-on-one, private lessons to our client at our regular group lesson rates.

Social distancing and PPD procedures will be in effect and all participants attending these lessons are required to fill out a symptom-check intake form, sign an additional COVID specific waiver, and follow any and all instructions during the sessions.  This is essential to maintain safety for all instructors and riders.

More about our lessons:

Structured, on-trail lessons are one of the best investments you can make to improve your riding. Our PMBIA certified instructors will guide you through essential skills including bike set-up, body position, effective brake, how to select the right gears at the right time, trail scanning to pick better lines, essential cornering techniques and learning to ride down steep sections of trail and up the other side.

New to mountain biking?  Build your foundation to make new trails less intimidating and more fun!  Experienced?  Get direct 1:1 coaching from the region's most experienced instructors and expand and refine your skills.  Take advantage of this special offer for private coaching at group-lesson rates.

Space is limited.  Book now.