Skills Prep - Quebec Singletrack Experience - 2 hours x 3 Sessions - Private Lessons

Skills Prep - Quebec Singletrack Experience - 2 hours x 3 Sessions - Private Lessons

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Following on the heels of our successful B.C. Bike Race group, the QSE team headed to Quebec City for the East's premiere stage race and everyone came home smiling.  Conquering some tough conditions, everyone successfully completed each stage and brought back their hardware.   For 2020 the QSE and B.C.B.R teams have given us  great insight and feedback to help improve and we look forward to working with you next season.

2 hours x 3 session - Private Instruction
(4 spots max per group)

Session 1:
Saturday June 15th, 1:30pm, Camp Fortune
Sunday June 23rd, 1:30pm, South March Highlands
Sunday July 7th, 1:30pm, Camp Fortune

 This is a custom, private course for racers preparing for the Quebec Singletrack Experience.  The intent of this course is to practice and improve your bike skills for the race.

2018 added new stages with more technical descending and bigger climbs.  2019 looks like more of the same with a few new roller and drop areas.

This course will be 3 sessions in different locations and will cover fundamental sills and controls as a basis for specific skill work in subsequent lessons.

With this as a starting point,  we will work on body position for stability, energy conservation, balance, climbing and braking.  Additional work will include trail scanning for line selection, roll-downs and small drops. We will adapt the sessions based on each rider's skills and requirements.  Note that this is not a group ride, VO2 training, program.  We learn, practice and session skills to help you improve your riding.  Video analysis will be used on-trail and available later to riders for review.

Bring the bike you intend to ride for the race.  We will also cover set-up and shock adjustment.  It is important to practice the way you play, so we highly recommend you wear your race helmet, elbow and knee pads and your fully (or mostly) loaded hydration pack.  Consider wearing your race kit so you can get a feel for how it fits, and how cool or warm it is to ride in.

If you are interested in participating, please email us at: