Future Stars - Youth Private Lesson

Future Stars - Youth Private Lesson

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Lessons By Appointment.

Email us if you are interested in arranging lessons for your kids.

2 Hour Private Lesson

We take kids seriously.

Ride Ottawa kids MTB lessons are the equivalent of kids ski lessons on bikes.  We only offer professional skills instruction and teach the fundamental and advanced the skills they need to ride and control their bikes safely, so they can have more fun on the trails.  We are flexible and adapt to every rider but it is important that kids come prepared to learn and follow along.  Our typical young riders are 10 years of age or older.

Our goals when working with your family are:

1. To be fun and sociable for all participants
(Riding with us is always more fun than riding with parents.  ;) )

2. To help develop an appropriate ABC skills foundation for mountain biking
(Agility, balance, coordination on the trail)

3. To promote skills, riding confidence and self-esteem
(Controlled and safe practice and pacing gets results)

4. To provide an opportunity to develop appreciation for the outdoors
(We love living healthy and active outdoors!)

We start our lessons on-time, every time, and we need you to be early so we can check each bike is set up well and safe to ride.  We HIGHLY recommend getting bicycles tuned up by a bike shop before your first lesson.  If you need a recommendation, please ask!

We will need emergency contact information, a list of any allergies and medications, and health card information for each child.  If your child has emergency medication, such as an Epipen, you MUST supply this to our instructor in a ziplock bag clearly labelled with your child's name, emergency contact information and health card number prior to the session.

At certain locations such as Camp Fortune, you are required to purchase a trail pass for your child and also complete their waiver.  Please arrive early to allow time for this too.

We want to have everyone on our clinics, but we reserve the right at our sole discretion to cancel bookings and refund clinic payment where individual medical conditions are high-risk in Wilderness First-Aid conditions where emergency response times are over 30 minutes.  If your child has special needs, you may be required to shadow the lesson to provide support if needed.  Ride Ottawa is open to any ideas you have to accommodate different needs.

Contact us if you would like to discuss how we can become more inclusive. 

Please email us with questions at: instruction@rideottawa.com