VeloMSM MTB Adult Skills Sessions
VeloMSM MTB Adult Skills Sessions
VeloMSM MTB Adult Skills Sessions
VeloMSM MTB Adult Skills Sessions

VeloMSM MTB Adult Skills Sessions

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2-1/2 Hour Group Lesson for Adults
Times: 10:30am - 1:00pm

Saturday August 11, 2019 - Level 1 only (5 riders)
Sunday September 15, 2019 - All Levels

Note that to add multiple riders you will need to check out each rider separately.

Looking for a great reason to visit VeloMSM?  Join us for a skills clinic and then finish your day applying your new skills around the mountain trails.

We start at the Velo Gazebo at the main lodge and cover some bike set-up, review controls and position skills, and then hit the Lake Loop to learn and practice more fundamental skills including more body positioning, climbing, cornering, trail scanning and roll downs.  

Our groups are always organized based on ability and fitness on the day of the clinic.  We will be offering a Beginner, Level 1 and Level 2 groups for these clinics.  

Beginner riders should be comfortable riding on dirt.  This group will ride the easiest trails at VeloMSM to learn control and gain confidence on trials and the double track roads.

Level 1 riders should be able to ride most green and blue trails, and be comfortable on a 2 hour ride with lots of stops.  This sessions covers body position, braking, cadence and gearing, climbing, trail awareness, and descending. 

Level 2 riders have decent bike skills and can ride more advanced trails with rocks, sticks and small roll-downs.  This group will review body position and braking, and work on a mix of specific skills  including climbing position and cadence, trail scanning, line choice, roll-downs, braking on steeps, cornering and some descending.  If you have specific skills you'd like to work on, email us to let us know.  We will try to incorporate them.  Knee pads and elbow pads are strongly recommended.  Regardless of your ability, you WILL find this session useful.

All riders require a well-tuned bike, a good fitting helmet, water and snacks, and maybe some eye protection and knee and elbow pads. 

If you have completed our Mountain Fest clinic or any of our Level 1 clinics, then you MAY chose to sign up to Level 2.  Space is currently limited to 5 in each group.  We may be able to add more if we run out of spots.

Email us if you are interested and the session is full at: 

Please consider becoming a VeloMSM member or contributing a donation of $10.00 to the trail development fund.


Who is this for?

These sessions area designed to introduce and refresh the basic building blocks of mountain biking for riders of most levels.  Beginners are typically new to mountain biking, but comfortable riding a bike.  Trail experience is recommended for Level 1 and mandatory for Level 2 groups.  Ideally you've ridden the Lake Loop at VeloMSM before.  Level 2 groups will work on more difficult trail features such as roll downs and technical terrain such as Trans Am.