Summer Skills Sessions - 2 hours x 3 Lessons
Summer Skills Sessions - 2 hours x 3 Lessons
Summer Skills Sessions - 2 hours x 3 Lessons
Summer Skills Sessions - 2 hours x 3 Lessons
Summer Skills Sessions - 2 hours x 3 Lessons
Summer Skills Sessions - 2 hours x 3 Lessons

Summer Skills Sessions - 2 hours x 3 Lessons

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Done 2019
Are you looking for the best way to advance your skills next season?  Our summer skills sessions provide structured progression with time to practice between lessons.  We, and our 2019 clients, have seen great success and we are really looking forward to 2020 as we further develop our programs for advanced riders and higher level skills.

2 hours x 3 session - Private Instruction
(4 spots per group.)

Session A:
Wednesday July 3rd, 6:30pm, Camp Fortune
Wednesday July 17th, 6:30pm, Camp Fortune
Wednesday July 31st, 6:30pm, Camp Fortune

Session B:
Thursday July 4th, 6:30pm, Camp Fortune
Thursday July 18th, 6:30pm, Camp Fortune
Thursday August 1st, 6:30pm, Camp Fortune

Session C:
Wednesday July 31st, 6:00pm, Camp Fortune
Wednesday August 14th, 6:00pm, Camp Fortune
Wednesday August 28th, 6:00pm, Camp Fortune

Rain & Make-Up Dates:
Scheduled as needed.  If you can't make one date we will arrange an alternate based on availability.

This course will be 3 sessions and will cover fundamental skills and maneuvers as a basis for specific skill work and directed coaching in subsequent lessons.

We have observed riders doing multiple sessions have a significant consolidation and refinement of skills leading to soaring confidence and consistent performance on the bike.

We will work on skills, revisit and refine them as we progress on to other riding technique, and look for specific coaching for each rider to focus on.  Session work on intermedia features allows for repeated trials and adjustment of skill and maneuver elements.  We break down riding into pieces so we can make small changes, and practice to understand the results.  Video analysis is used to help with review and analysis where practical.

Fundamental skills include body position for stability, energy conservation, balance, climbing and braking.  Additional work includes trail scanning for line selection, roll-down techniques and drops to 2'.  We adapt the sessions based on participating rider's skills and requirements.

We will also cover bike set-up and shock adjustment as needed.  It is important to practice the way you play, so we highly recommend you wear your elbow and knee pads and your loaded hydration pack.

Note that this is NOT a group ride, or VO2 training, program.   We learn, practice develop and adapt skills on easy to intermediate trail and features to help you improve your riding.  We practice through repetition and adaptation. 

If you are interested in participating, email us any questions at:

NOTE:  We require a minimum number of riders to be signed up for each session and may have to delay or cancel these sessions without numbers.