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First of all, Chris just a really pleasant person. Then we learnt and practiced some great skills. The explanations were excellent and all comment, ifs, ands, and but’s were addressed. And the feedback was very constructive!

Ruth, Ottawa & Tremblant

Sandra could give us not only the "how" but also the "why" and that really helped me integrate the new skills into my pre-existing knowledge. I think we all yelled "that was easy!" more than once, which is credit to Sandra's amazing instruction.

Liz, Ottawa

I really enjoyed breaking down the techniques. Mike presented the skills in an easy manner and it was great to listen, try, fine tune and re-try a skill before moving on. We had a good group, and the lesson was a lot of fun.

Scott, Orléans

I loved the course. Great instruction, skills we worked on were exactly what I wanted. Good progression from basic features to some that were more difficult. Good combination of theory and practice. Pictures and video were an added bonus.

Andrea, Ottawa

The most helpful things were the things I had just never thought about or been told to think about while riding. A big difference for me will be my arms. Also getting low both while climbing and cornering. As soon as I started focusing less on getting back and more on getting low when going down a switchback it felt better.

Jess, Ottawa

It boggles my mind how much my riding has improved and how many bad habits I had developed over 20 years of riding.  With learning proper body positions and concentrating on proper hip placement, pumping the trail became natural and my speed and control increased exponentially!

Rob, Orléans

As someone who teaches skiing, I know first hand how important it is it get off on the right foot with someone who knows what they are talking about.

Scott, Ottawa

Chris was an excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable, with a great way of teaching that ensured I understood. He was very encouraging and positive, and the whole lesson was very fun. I came out of it with a more secure position and a lot more confidence!!!

Kyla, Ottawa

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