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Kudos to you guys for putting a great clinic. I thought the pace and delivery of the material was spot on. Really helped me hone in on what I was having trouble with. Did a few laps on Dream at MSM today and felt a big difference. I actually cleared the jumps and felt good all the way through and landed comfortably on the tabletops and bigger sends. The whole stomp and scoop thing while carrying  momentum and proper body position has really opened up my eyes to the mechanics of jumping. Work smarter, not harder.

Stuart (Jump Clinic)

Chris was an excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable, with a great way of teaching that ensured I understood. He was very encouraging and positive, and the whole lesson was very fun. I came out of it with a more secure position and a lot more confidence!!!

Kyla (Beginner)

I just wanted to take a moment to say how my daughter loved her first class with you.  She was so energized and had nothing but fantastic things to say about how the class went, the information she received and she is definitely looking forward to playing in the trails and practicing all she has learned. Thank you so much for providing such a great forum for young women to get into this fantastic sport combining her athleticism and her love of the great outdoors. 

Johanne's Daughter (Level 1)

Great instructors who care not only about mountain biking but also about you getting the most out of the clinic and your rides after the clinic.  Being able to feel the position and then get immediate feedback if it was right or wrong was key.

Marc (Level 1)

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent course yesterday. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot, and I feel that I gained a ton from the combination of theory and lots of reps and air time. I went back to my local spot yesterday evening and noticed a big difference in my control and confidence using all of the techniques from the course. I had the skills and confidence to comfortably move up to a slightly higher drop in my neighborhood that I hadn't done yet.`

Deb (Drops Level 1)

I explained to the entire jump step by step the way it was taught to my wife. It was super easy to explain and understand and she totally got it even though she's not a rider. I think Ride Ottawa does a good job. I'm definitely intelligent enough to know that I'd rather learn safe and not crash.

Paul (Jump Cinic)

The skills information was presented so well. I appreciated the introduction of the why nad benefit of the skill, the demonstration, the opportunity to practice, and the feedback. Learning the skills on the road made it really easy for me to practice them next on the trails.

Paula (Level 1)

I read and watch a lot about mtb skills so there is not necessarily a lot of new info for me out there. However, the key aspect for me was having someone watching and correcting mistakes right away, and the instant feedback using videos, which was "awesome" and the ability to watch it a later time . The mix of instructors is good to get the same skill sometimes explain just slightly differently to make it click.

Helen (L1, L2, Evening 3 pack)

The body position work was invaluable, but the real take away for me was scanning and choosing lines. I never realized how many decisions there are to make on the trail and how helpful the right decision can be. I really  appreciated the time we took walking up hills discussing possible lines.

Rob (Level 2)

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