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Great instructors who care not only about mountain biking but also about you getting the most out of the clinic and your rides after the clinic.  Being able to feel the position and then get immediate feedback if it was right or wrong was key.

Marc (Level 1)

Chris was an excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable, with a great way of teaching that ensured I understood. He was very encouraging and positive, and the whole lesson was very fun. I came out of it with a more secure position and a lot more confidence!!!

Kyla (Beginner)

The skills information was presented so well. I appreciated the introduction of the why nad benefit of the skill, the demonstration, the opportunity to practice, and the feedback. Learning the skills on the road made it really easy for me to practice them next on the trails.

Paula (Level 1)

I read and watch a lot about mtb skills so there is not necessarily a lot of new info for me out there. However, the key aspect for me was having someone watching and correcting mistakes right away, and the instant feedback using videos, which was "awesome" and the ability to watch it a later time . The mix of instructors is good to get the same skill sometimes explain just slightly differently to make it click.

Helen (L1, L2, Evening 3 pack)

Friendly, knowledgable, supportive, generous with time, and we never felt intimidated or rushed.  Really I can't say enough great things. Also, it helped A LOT! We are way better now!

Amy & Will (Private 3 pack)

I attended the VeloMSM clinic with Sandra, and also a beginner course with Chris at Larose. Both courses were great. Chris and Sandra were excellent, very patient and super approachable to ask questions. This was my first season of MTB'ing and I have no doubt that both clinics helped me make the most of my beginner season.

Alex (Beginner)

I was able to learn the essential basics and proper technique. I also loved that we were able to practice and get feedback!  I liked that we started with getting an understanding of positioning and braking first. These skills are essential.

Evelyn (Beginner)

The body position work was invaluable, but the real take away for me was scanning and choosing lines. I never realized how many decisions there are to make on the trail and how helpful the right decision can be. I really  appreciated the time we took walking up hills discussing possible lines.

Rob (Level 2)

It was awesome. I was able to build my skills to a point where I had a base that I could advance and complete my goal of finishing the BC Bike Race :) . I think all the skills and the sequencing of thier introduction was bang on.

Mel (Race Prep 3 Pack)