I've watched a lot of "how to" videos only but they didn't compare to the instruction we received from Mike and Chris. It was great to have a few moments of one on one instruction. They were good at tactfully explaining my faults and encouraging improvement. Kept it fun.

Chris (Level 2)

Great instructors who care not only about mountain biking but also about you getting the most out of the clinic and your rides after the clinic.  Being able to feel the position and then get immediate feedback if it was right or wrong was key.

Marc (Level 1)

Chris was an excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable, with a great way of teaching that ensured I understood. He was very encouraging and positive, and the whole lesson was very fun. I came out of it with a more secure position and a lot more confidence!!!

Kyla (Beginner)

The skills information was presented so well. I appreciated the introduction of the why nad benefit of the skill, the demonstration, the opportunity to practice, and the feedback. Learning the skills on the road made it really easy for me to practice them next on the trails.

Paula (Level 1)

I loved the small group size, the structure  and progression, and the patience and encouragement of the instructor. The sweeper was also very good because even if i was at the back, i knew there was someone seeing that i was safe.

Sylvie (Beginner)

I took the beginner course and it was exactly what I needed to teach me some of the fundamentals. I enjoyed the fact that the group sizes were small which allowed Chris to focus on each of us. I also really appreciated to quick bike check before the course.  Chris is a great instructor; very patient, explains the information well, and keeps things fun.

Alex (Beginner)

I was able to learn the essential basics and proper technique. I also loved that we were able to practice and get feedback!  I liked that we started with getting an understanding of positioning and braking first. These skills are essential.

Evelyn (Beginner)

I loved the course. Great instruction, skills we worked on were exactly what I wanted. Good progression from basic features to some that were more difficult. Good combination of theory and practice. Pictures and video were an added bonus.

Andrea (Level 1)

I really like Larose forest for the beginner.  The trails were very good.  Learned a lot. I was able to ask a lot of questions. Fun course too !  I feel so much more confident now.

Emilie (Beginner)

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