Our Instructors

Professional and passionate about mountain biking AND teaching, we are focused on making your experience great and your skills sharp.  We want learning and practicing skills on the trail to be super fun.

Sandra - Mike - Chris - Karim - Marc

 Sandra Beaubien - PMBIA Certified MTB Instructor - Ride Ottawa

Sandra Beaubien
Founder & PMBIA Certified Instructor

Sandra got into mountain biking when she spent a year in Ottawa as a co-op student during University.  She fell in love with Gatineau Park and returned after her studies to work as a high-school teacher and decided to stay!  That year she started the MTB Chicks, Ottawa-Gatineau’s Women’s MTB group.  She has biked all over the world, including North America, New Zealand and Nepal.  Teaching and mountain bikes are her two biggest passions and she is super-stoked to bring both together and help other riders to grow their skills and become great riders.

Mike McGuire - PMBIA Certified MTB Instructor - Ride Ottawa

Mike McGuire
Founder & PMBIA Certified Instructor

With over 30 years of mountain bike riding under his jersey, Mike has been around long enough to remember the times before front shocks and clipless mountain bike pedals. A native of Ottawa-Gatineau, he’s been riding the local trails all his life and has travelled across North America to many riding destinations.  Riding the Utah desert is his favourite place to be.  12 months a year he is outdoors on 2 wheels, fatbiking, bike packing and gravel riding if the MTB trails are not yet open, logging hundreds of rides every season.  MTB instruction is his latest passion and you can often find him geeking out with anyone who will listen over important things like whether or not to put your outside foot down, or how to apply more pressure into the front tire in corners.

 Chris Wood - PMBIA Certified MTB Instructor - Ride Ottawa

 Chris Wood
Founder & PMBIA Certified Instructor
Coming from a racing and road background, Chris has logged countless hours on adventure and 24 hour races and now spends his time seeking MTB bliss.  A genuine team player and all-around nice guy, he truly understands what crossover riders need to learn to fully embrace off-road riding.  He still rides road but feels the call of the bigger and gnarlier trails every spring.  With 2 young children in development, has the patience of a monk.  Chris loves to guide people into new territory and skills and is always excited to be there when somebody gets it.  "I know, right?"


Karim Abou-Nassar - PMBIA Certified MTB Instructor - Ride Ottawa

Karim Abou-Nassar
PMBIA Certified Instructor
A native of the Outaouais region, Karim has a passion for machines with 2 wheels; motorcycles and mountain bikes.  He thrives spending time outdoors all year round and is grateful for all the amazing trail networks in our region.  His love, enthusiasm and respect for sport makes him a great member of the team and drives his coaching and guiding.

Marc Leblanc - PMBIA Certified MTB Instructor - Ride Ottawa

Marc Leblanc
PMBIA Certified Instructor

We first met Marc at one of our introductory group lessons; his background in road riding gave him a solid fitness foundation for the dirt and he went on to do multiple lessons over several seasons.  He likes to call himself a “Graduate of the RideOttawa way” and now tackles the trails with growing confidence and control.  A resident of Chelsea, Quebec, Marc brings passion and his love of bikes to his instructing and enjoys helping others find their own path to transform their riding as he has.