Our Mission

Our goal
Is to provide high quality instruction to mountain bike riders so people can safely learn to ride with more skill, greater confidence and total fun!  We want new riders to quickly learn essential skills and established riders to advance their goals to the next level.


Our Philosophy
Is that, maybe like you, mountain biking is an essential part of our lives.  We're passionate about riding and love it, maybe more than anything else.  And we want to ride to the best level that we can.  Fundamentally we believe that an active lifestyle is key to happiness and well-being - and fun!  We live in an amazing place with limitless outdoor activities.  We want to share this passion, sport and lifestyle with other like-minded people


We have three principles that are the cornerstone of what we do.
Professional Instruction
We are trained and certified by the Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association based out of Whistler, B.C.  Coupled with a passion for riding and experience in other areas of teaching, we are capable and eager.  We work together as a team to develop our programming in order to be the best instructors that we can be.  The best coaches in any sport are those who can analyze peoples' technique and effectively and safely teach them to improve their skills.  We are not professional riders, we are professional instructors and we take pride in teaching people how to ride better.
Effective Learning
Our three pillars of teaching are to keep riders safe, help them progress their skills comfortably, and make sure they have fun doing it!  Safety is key to effective skills learning and practice and we take it seriously.  We know our trails inside and out and we know how to have a great time on them.  We’ll work to help you learn new skills, practice them safely, and get you home in one piece.
Build Community
We have been a part of the local MTB scene for a long time and we want to help build our region into a world-class riding area.  After visiting Whistler, Moab, North Carolina, and Quebec City numerous times, we realized that great instruction was  missing in our area.  We feel it is a key element of how we build our sport for the future.
So we did something about it and started Ride Ottawa.