What do we teach?

We teach using the PMBIA method and skills-based curriculum.

We customize all sessions to students' goals and abilities.

Body Position:
Good position is the foundation of your riding skills.  We’ll work on building and maintaining an effective bike-body position for cruising, downhill, technical trail sections, and climbing

Bike Controls & Pedalling 
Even though you’ve been riding since you were a kid, there is lots to review and practice about gears, pedal speed and dropper posts.
Braking & Speed Control:
Controlling your speed and maximizing your stopping power gives you more control on the trails.

Effective Climbing:
We start with the basics of effective body positioning and pedal speed to learn effective climbing.
Cornering Basics:
Cornering and turning are essential to riding any trail.  We’ll talk about why we need certain skills and hit the trails to practice.
Reading Trails:
Better trail scanning, terrain awareness and line choice will further improve your ability to ride harder and different types of trail.
Basic Wheel Lifts:
Learn combinations of skills required to intentionally and successfully lift your wheels up and over roots, logs, rocks, and other trail features when riding.
Step-Downs & Rollers:
Getting down steeper trails requires learning how to control your bike over bigger rocks, roots and other obstacles.  We practice rolling features safely in a controlled way so you can work up to tougher trail features.
Advanced Cornering:
Bermed corners, switchbacks and dynamic trail movement require different skills and action on the trail.  We break down what you need to get faster and build flow in the turns.
Finding Flow:
Much more than just picking trail lines, finding flow is a combination of your skills that ultimately lets you ride any trail smoothly, faster and more safely while maximizing the fun factor.
Advanced Wheel & Bike Lifts:
Learn the skills you need to lift your wheels off the ground, higher, and longer for different trail situations and obstacles.
Descending Steep Terrain & Bigger Roll Downs:
Bigger terrain requires a different approach to riding.  We look at how to descend slowly and safely on moderate obstacles so you can work up to bigger things.