Fatbiking Footwear and Accessories

We have been getting some questions about winter gear, so over the next few weeks we’ll share what works well for us!
Let’s start with the feet. Sandra gets cold feet. And she gets a bit grumpy if her feet stay cold when riding, but this combination works well.
Fatbike Gear Boots and Toe Warmers
The Wolvhammer 45NRTH boots are more breathable and wind resistant than a normal hiking boot or boot you would shovel snow in. The inner boot is nice and warm, but really it is the outer wrap that really blocks the wind and cold.
Cross country ski socks with some wool in them, SmartWool, for example work well and help keep the lower calf warm too.
On colder days (below -10C) having the toe warmers is essential, so make sure your boots are one size larger. If you take the toe warmers out of the package on your drive to the trailhead, they will be nice and warm when you put them on. They typically take 20-30 minutes to activate.
Fatbike Gaiters and Socks
Gaiters, such as these Outdoor Research ones, are 10 years old and were used for hiking and backpacking. On the cold rides, they help keep your feet warm by trapping warm air, and they prevent your socks from getting wet when you step off the trail into deep snow.
Have fun out there and stay warm !