Quick overview of Camp Fortune trails for Jennifer

Note: These are the 2017 Camp Fortune Trail Maps and don't show all of this year's changes.  They are pretty close though.

Jennifer from Saint Sauveur asked about Camp Fortune routes on the OMBA-AVMO page today.  The maps below show the 2017 Camp Fortune maps, another with general descriptions of the XC terrain difficulty, and a third with the Strong Intermediate (let's say blue to dark blue riders) loop we use for instructing.  The covers a lot of terrain and includes pretty much every type of intermediate feature available.  When I say "intermediate", I mean "Camp Fortune light DH Intermediate" in places.  There are additional routes incorporating the DH trails Q Cup, Uberpunch, Ho-Chi  Minh and National that add a lot of good terrain and should be considered black trails.

You can download the files here:

Camp Fortune MTB Trails

Map With Terrain Notes

Ride Ottawa Route


Camp Fortune MTB Trails 2017



Camp Fortune MTB Trails 2017 General Description of Difficulty