Learn how to corner in berms
Learn how to corner better in flat turns and berms

Pumping & Cornering - Level 1 - 2hr - Group Lesson

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2 hours - Group Lesson & Practice
Level 1 (previous lesson experience)

Session dates: 
Saturday May 11, 1:30pm, Larose Forest P1
Saturday June 1, 1:30pm, Larose Forest P1

Monday August 5, 1:00pm, Larose Forest P1

Are you looking to ride corners with more confidence and flow?  This session expands on your fundamental skill set with focus on bike & body position, movement & pumping, trail scanning, and other specific cornering skills.

Who is this for?
This session is oriented to riders who have already completed one or more Level 1 sessions with us and want more coaching and practice in corners.  Our goal is to advance the fundamental skills we have already learned.

If you are interested in this session but have not previously taken a course with us, please email us and tell us about your riding level and experience to confirm your spot.

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